Thursday, April 30, 2009

frying it up in a pan

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The kitchen may be modern but the copy is bringing it back 50's style. After a long hard day of ironing and cleaning, all a woman wants to do is spend some time in front of hot stove,caressing a shiny pot. What a treat!

According to the Australian CEO behind Madison Avenue cookware with America's old school values, American women would adore this commercial. I mean what women doesn't wait around all day, just yearning to cook a lovely meal for her husband, a meal as beautiful as she is. Oh the anticipation.


  1. I get a kick out of these old advertisements. What might have been funny back then would make people freak out now.

  2. That spanking ad is REAL?! I need a copy of that. Wow, a nice break from ironing, what a treat. How did that even get approved?!

    lindsay ||