Tuesday, April 14, 2009

how's your food? It's there.

When I was young, I would eat anything. Going to the likes of Fridays or Applebees was a treat. Now every time I go to any of these chains I find myself appalled at my plate. Either I've developed fancy tastes or the food has become so over-processed it no longer resembles anything edible. The thinking seems to be let's plop some crap on a plate and let the customers sort out what's what. 

I recall one particularly irksome incident where my boneless buffalo tenders completely lacked any buffalo sauce. My friends salad similarly lacked any greenery. But boy, were those plates large. But seriously, If I wanted to nuke my dinner I could do it at home.

The new marketing effort from Chilis addresses this persisting characteristic of chain restaurant food. Chilis may not be much better than its competitors, but the effort is amusing anyway. Here's their site if you want to look at PJ Blands in all its glory.

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