Thursday, April 2, 2009

things that irk me...

I'm usually a fairly laid back person. In fact, if I was on MTV's boiling point I might just win. I almost never get mad at waiters, or store clerks, or strangers in general. However, I do have a couple pet peeves that drive me crazy.

1. I hate when ketchup touches bread. I like ketchup on fries. I like bread. But when I see ketchup soak into bread it disturbs me. I also don't like ketchup sitting on a napkin, it gives me the chills.

2. Other people on my computer. As soon as someone attempts to find a website, type a sentence, or just touches my computer, I am convinced that it will be the slowest process in the world.

3. Side ponytails. I just want to come over and adjust them.

4. Exposed socks. Exposed socks with exceedingly short pants is the worst.

5. Radio announcers. I don't know why. This may concur with my hatred for sporting activities.

Oh and when, on the occasion that, I attempt to clean the mess in my room, there are still stray pennies on the floor. Pennies should not even exist these days.


  1. I agree...hey wait, I was a radio announcer!

  2. Sorry. Was it sports radio? I have tolerance for djs and some political radio.

  3. When I have recently clipped my nails and now I can't pick up a dime.