Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Which social networking affair is right for you?

It seems like everyday we hear about a new illicit internet affair tearing real-life relationships apart. Some may ponder how this even happens. How can someone leave a real live person for an internet persona they met on a social networking site. I think there's a bigger question at hand, which social networking affair is right for you?

With an abundance of networking sites, the choice is difficult indeed. That's why I have weighed the pros and cons here for you. So when you start an illicit affair on the world wide web, you'll know you're doing the right thing,

The Twitter Affair
Pro I love you.
9:35 A.M. March 25th from bed
Con I hate you.
9:36 A.M. March 25th from bed

The Second Life Affair
Pro He has a banging hot avatar.
Con It’s just an avatar, you loon.

The Linked in Affair
Pro Not only have you gained a lover but he’ll even write you a recommendation.
Con The recommendation reads “ She will be an incredible ASSet to any company, she will bend over backward, literally I mean literally she’s kind of a ho...heeheeheee"

The MySpace Affair
Pro Not only can you exchange dirty pictures, but you can listen to the next big song from your lover’s awesome band.
Con Your lover’s awesome band is not really all that awesome.

The Blogger Affair
Pro He posts about you. You post about him. Soon you start vlogging together. And you’re the social networking "it" couple.
Con You’re Julia Allison.

The New Facebook Affair
Pro Your lover can shower you with gifts like underwear or a cocktail. You can bond over quizzes like what shoe defines you, and you can superpoke.
Con Now when your lover has "you heartless harpie" as his facebook status it will reappear every time he updates it. Which he will. Every five seconds of the day.


  1. Hah, nice list :)

    Which one did YOU choose?

  2. I would have an OLD facebook affair if I had to choose.

  3. Oh ho ho... OLD facebook, huh! You classy bitch, you.

    What's your favourite 'I wanna have an illicit affair with you' superpoke?

  4. ha, nice one. i never could get into second life. the thing about finding 'love' online is you have to understand until you meet, they are nothing but a simulation; a representation of a person; a "persona". so it can get tricky. i would think it's not impossible but in order to make the next step you would pretty much have to scratch all the online stuff once you meet and "fall in love" all over again.