Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a post on postcards

Once upon a time people communicated with far-off friends via postcards. These postcards were filled with longing, heartfelt sentiments, and cursive writing. The friends wait with bated breath for the arrival of said postcard. And upon reception returned cursive writing in kind.

Then airplanes replaced horse and buggies, and text messaging and drunk dials took over. And postcards got relegated to cheap tourist shops. For a while, postcards, were just the crap you buy in the store for the person you don't really like, and therefore didn't bother to take along for your trip, which you took only to get away from them in the first place.

But it seems that lately postcards are reemerging in all sorts of quirky do it yourself forms.

There's etcha-postcard...


Photoshop-then-sendapostcard... a real live post card!!!

And if you have no friends to send heartfelt sentiments, you can just reveal your terrible, terrible secrets to Postsecret instead.

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