Monday, April 6, 2009

The waste case

For the last couple months we have had an air conditioner and two lamps sitting pretty in our hallway. This probably does not please our neighbors but our small apartment no longer has room for such things. However,  we do not know the proper rules for disposing of these objects on the street.  So they are just waiting and greeting anyone that walks up the stairs.

We once put glass bottles in a regular garbage bag because we  ran out of the clear recycling bag and got reprimanded. Ever since, the fear of Fine has kept our hallways cluttered and our streets crap free. So this design competition may just be answer to our ongoing  dilemma

Valient technologies is calling for design entires for a 4th bin for ewaste, and have it in every building in New York City. If you're interested enter here and make a logo/ bin design and aid the cause of cleaning my hall.

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