Monday, April 6, 2009

meet me at the minibar

Saw this new bar concept over at PSFK and I thought it was a pretty novel idea. A bar without the bartenders. Everyone has had a bad  experience with a bartender; flirting with someone,  or talking to his/her friends, or just taking their sweet time with your much-needed drink. This may just be the new "bottle service" model. The concept behind Minibar in Amsterdam does seem great in theory.

"Once inside, you check in with the concierge, they give you a key to your own fridge and then you serve yourself. A credit card or ID card left at the front desk is reclaimed after payment of the tab. "

But what happens when someone needs to be cut off, as I've seen the bartender do plenty a time. Not to me. Well as far as I can remember not to me. But it happens, often. A huge Minibar is like a drink buffet and buffets only lead to trouble. I feel like a free-for-all may just end in a hot mess.

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