Monday, April 6, 2009

wall decor: pretty or just pretty strange?

Our apartment's wall art consists of keith haring prints we found in the upstairs attic of our building. So we are very into salvaging whatever we can find. The folks over at the apartment therapy have been a little more creative with their finds. 

Here's some of the salvaged objects made into wall art. Some pretty. Some pretty strange.

1. Vintage Flashcards.

2. Post-its?
3. Coffee filters?

4. Old film reels?

5. Antique piano parts?


  1. I am not so sure about the coffee filters... :P

    And the post-its are an exercise in BLAND. Unless each one had something cute and inspirational on them, maybe!

  2. Love the flash cards. Kind of like the coffee filters. If their not moldy. If they're's questionable.

  3. The possibility of mold is worrisome.

  4. Tea leaves from readings, affixed to paper... that might work.

    Better than moldy coffee filters.

  5. I love the flash cards!