Monday, April 6, 2009

I don't go by schnookums

Everybody does it. Perhaps, to varying degrees of annoyance. Something about being in a relationships makes the "Baby" and the baby talk come out. And according to Leslie Golaman, over at Women's Health, supposedly all the honeys and babies are good for your relationship.

"Using nicknames and made-up language is an easy way to inject positive communication into everyday life.. In fact, it's probably the single easiest thing you can do to keep your relationship going strong," claims Jamie Turndorf, PhD, a relationship therapist. The bond created by developing a private language gives couples the sense that they are closer to each other than anyone else, thereby creating a sense of true intimacy.

I uses to hate pet names. And I'm not a big giver, if I do give names they are usually more insult than compliment. Hunchie, gremlin, monster. I know I am sweet. There's just something a little gagifying about bequeathing most pet-names onto a person.

I can't lie and say I hate being called by nicknames all the time. I'm particularly fond of ones like killer and doll-face, but that's just cause it makes me feel like I'm in a film noir movie, playing innocent until I ultimately deceive my love in hopes of procuring his endless riches.

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  1. I've had a few girlfriends that hate terms of endearment like these.

    I made it my job to think of really creative ones, like 'Sunnyhoneywookiepie'.

    I'm so nice too.