Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The going with it clause

My roommate and I have very strict criteria by which we judge the potential of others to join our inner circle. Whether it be eligible suitors or just friends, it is always the same. Some cliques are based on money,status, looks, or perhaps even common interests. This is not true for us, our criteria are far simpler, it applies to anyone who has the misfortune of crossing our path.

When we meet you, we need to know only one thing. Are you going to play along?

You don't have to understand what we are doing, or why we are doing it. Usually there is no reason. If we break out in dance. I want to see you back it up. If we create a nonsensical song about a passing stranger. Add a finely tuned lyric. If we are telling you a story about our drug years in Tijuana, tell us how you had to smuggle cocaine up your butt. We love that stuff. In fact, we live for that stuff.

Be loud. Be ridiculous. Don't make any sense. Laugh till you need to pee. Make shit up, just go with it. If I can't act a fool around you, I just may not want to be around you. The best relationships, both friendships and romances, come from the meetings of two inner children. As I like to think of it, "those who play together. stay together."


  1. Only a select few in my life actually "get" me. My quite staid and conservative boyfriend just rolls his eyes when I take the Honey Bear Container and dance it across the breakfast table towards, making up a little song. Hey, I think differently. Go with it.

  2. we don't have that culture of residing with others in my country like their is not dormitory facilities for university campus here. However, i would have loved it, for me it sounds a bit like some hollywood films.. like S club 7 .. but i would love to enjoy those kinda lives.. someday ! :)
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  3. Love this post - and what a fabulous criteria to stick friends to. ; - P
    We should all stick to this idea!

    Thanks for the words,

  4. Perfect. Its true, think about the misfits that have come in and out of my life. They've been eliminated because they didn't play. Joey, on teh other hand, watched Adam and Steve the 2nd day we met him.

    By the way, my aunt's new boy lives close to Mexico in CA and apparently used to take trips to Tijuana, before they started kidnapping americans. I almost peed my pants when he said he used to party there. That's fucking awesome.

  5. Joey also sings "the world is cold and cruel" more then I do.