Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fat girls need love too

The folks over at Fox have come up with yet another reality dating show. The latest in the never-ending rose ceremonied frenzy is "More to Love", a dating show where an average guy is the suitor and big girls vie for his affection. According to creater Mark Darnell this show is dating for the rest of us;

"The vast majority of people who watch those shows don't look anything like that," he says. People of a heavier size don't need love any less. Beauty and love come in all shapes and sizes. This is an entertaining idea that's relatable to most of the people in the dating world. It's sort of like a social experiment -- disproving the idea that we only watch shows featuring the thinnest of the thin."

He makes a valid point. The only reality shows centered around women over a size-2 happen to be shows like the Biggest Loser and Diet Tribe, all shows that are based around losing weight.

I have to wonder though if this show will be good or bad for the self esteem of chubbier ladies. One one hand, I think it's great that women that don't look like models, get a chance to be the objects of desire and love in any media.

However, reality shows don't portray anyone in the most positive light, and it will probably be no different for these women. Reality shows in essence exploit the flaws of participants, embarrassing them at every opportunity. Considering Fox's track record (The Swan) perhaps it may not be the best place to empower women of any size.


  1. Remember how Monster wouldn't watch teh Swan? Like, flatout refused?? That's because she knew she needed to be on it.

    And why is it called reality TV dating for the rest of us?? The rest of us, if we aren't size 2, are obese? These women aren't normal size, or represent normal sized women. Unless they really are in which case I'm appauled. Pass me my fake crab and spinach please.

  2. I think the average women in America is size ten.

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