Thursday, April 9, 2009

unfriending your parents on facebook

On the list of most awkward things in the world, somewhere near the top is the incursion of parents into the social networking realm. It's a situation that has to be handled delicately. How do you tell mommy the reason you don't want to be her facebook friend is that half your pictures are of you dry-humping street poles and passed out in your own barf. You can't exactly refuse your parents friendship but at the same time it's just a place that no parent should really go.

My parents aren't on facebook. However I've already learned that facebook is a no zone for them.My brother foolishly left his facebook page open one day. Upon realizing that all his pictures resembled the latter portion of my above description, my dad then called me inquiring  "how did these pictures came about on the internets?" I told him they were tagged. He then asked me about the process of removing said pictures of my brother. I went into an hour discussion about untagging. Eventually, he gave up horrified at the whole thing.

Some people are not lucky enough to have easily discouraged parents. Their parents not only facebook, but superpoke and post pictures. Horror of facebook horror. That's what makes  the oh crap my parents joined facebook site so fun.


  1. eew, this is so true! old people will be the death of facebook.

  2. True story... my mom got a facebook, luckily I'm pretty sure she doesn't mind my drunken pictures. When you come from my family it's something that is expected haha