Wednesday, April 1, 2009

French Vogue experiences the Britney effect

The premise of this French Vogue spread is supposedly how not to be a mother while looking fabulous. While the message seems oh so relevant in the days of Britney Spears and Nadia Sulman, the spread has been met with a fair share of controversy. Visually it's great, the frivolity is indeed striking. We are so used to seeing proper images of mothers to be in magazines that one can't look away when a mom is suddenly a bad-girl. It's good fun in theory, but it almost makes being a naughty mom a tad too glamorous. No?


  1. Is it wrong to find her a bit attractive?

    Especially in the last one. Woof.

  2. See I knew it. This is making it way too hot.

  3. I find this intriguing. Very much a new way they're looking to have a fashion statement - even if it's a statement people remember just for being a little off the beaten path.