Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I can't stand the rain

Harsh words could easily break me. They could. But they won't. The brute force of criticism is always hard on me at first. I wallow in it for a couple hours, letting it sink in, swish around in a glass half empty. I allow myself the moment to feel sorry for myself. I toss, I turn, I think. And then, I change my mind. I get up, caffeinate, and do it all over again. I won't be discouraged.

image VIA eric hansen


  1. You should make the emeril's big easy bold coffee today. that ones the super caffeinated one.
    my dad once (or more then once) said to me, "You don't know nothin about nothin". Seems appropriate for your criticizers.

  2. dont be. keep on trekkin....i mean truckin. sorry, star wars still on the brain.

    there is no time for self loathing. cause you may miss the next opportunity in the mean time. <---wise words not from me, but still true.