Friday, May 8, 2009

why advertising creatives can't function outside of advertising...

... or why I wouldn't make a good traffic cop, door to door salesman, accountant or medical doctor.

                                      VIA creative beef

The traits that characterize  a good creative aren’t always transferable to the "real world". The following may or may not just apply to me.

1) The uniform. If it was socially acceptable creatives would wear the same t-shirt for days, months even. 

2) The space case. Creatives like to stay in their hovel. Sometimes we venture out into the real world for coffee, coffee that we immediately bring back into said hovel. Often, we work best in the dark.

3) We want to change everything. 

4) We are often creepily curious. We’ll ask questions, lots of questions, questions people don’t particular want to answer.  If they don’t answer.We persist.

5) We think everything’s been done before. Including making the bed and doing laundry. Been there,done that. We cry.

6)  Our highs are high. And our lows are low. The high point of creativity is almost a manic state;  the pulse races, hearts flutter and when it’s all over, it’s just kind of depressing.

7) We're anal. We stare. We obsess. We won’t let something go until it’s just right. This is why we don’t sleep well.

8) We have an opinion on everything, from butterflies to quantum physics, these opinions may come from a magical place deep within our heads rather than any factual research, but we’re pretty sure they are always right.

9) We’re always trying to be funny. We’re also often funny looking.  The tone differs by person some are snarky, some sarcastic, others self-deprecating but everything, I mean everything, is treated as a punch line. We look at financial crisis. Punch line, Syphilis. Punch line. Part cynicism, part childlike enthusiasm the world around us is a constant source of sick , sick amusement.

10) We have a short attention span...

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