Tuesday, May 12, 2009

twitter protests, for real this time

"Protests are taking place today in Guatemala City to demand justice for an attorney who was assassinated on Sunday, and who claimed in a posthumously released YouTube video taped before his death that if he were to die, it would be at the orders of Guatemalan president Álvaro Colom."

"Protesters are at the presidential palace today. At least one citizen media activist is streaming the action on Ustream.tv, as I type, though the stream is going on and off as police clusters form. Twitter users are marking conversations about today's protests, and about the case in general, with the hashtag #escandalogt. To take this sort of public action in Guatemala is not something one does lightly, and the young people at the center of these protests are placing their lives at risk."

Last twitter protest left a little to be desired, but perhaps this may be the real thing. Click here for the full story.

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