Friday, May 1, 2009

how do I loathe thee let me count the ways


Oh Kelly Bensimone there's so many ways to loathe you. I loathe that you don't understand that it's just a saying, I loathe the way you say HiYa, and wear pink rain boots with fancy dresses, and design high end owl necklaces. I loathe the way you tell Bethany she's not funny (she so is), I loathe the way you think everyone finds you adorable (you're so not), and I loathe the way you run through traffic(unless you get hit.)

I never thought I would find someone more loathsome then the Countess. But I did. I really did.


  1. yeah that gif really makes you want to stab her in the knee caps. I can't stand her either, it really is those rain boots and showing up nearly two f'n hours late to your own party.

    And I'm sorry but did you catch the comment she makes upon showing up so late "Where are the people I know?"...uh it's your party genius, if you don't those people why are they there?

  2. LOL the gif definitely says a lot on how she should be loathed. It screams crazy.