Thursday, October 1, 2009

Give SheSays a kickstart
Advertising is a man's world and sometimes girls just feel like we're living in it. Digital advertising the new terrain, the great fem hope, remains a boys club. This status is alarming considering more women tweet, blog and update their facebook status- often several times in a given day-than men. From mommy bloggers to internet entrepreneurs, women are contributing to the digital space in awe-inspiring ways and yet their contributions are often ignored.

That's why organization like SHESAYS offer an essential meeting ground and an occasional stomping ground. I've had the privilege of attending two SheSays events so far and I've left supercharged. I wanted to do things, change things - carve a space for myself online and own it.

SheSays is not only about promoting yourself, though there's a healthy dose of that- "google yourself," proclaimed Cindy Gallop at one event to much applause- but it's also about affecting change beyond the scope of your job, your industry and your community.

Of course doing great things takes great funding. I've posted about kickstarter before here. Just for a refresher, it's a site that makes projects happen based on the support of the online community. And SheSays has submitted their own proposal recently.

Here's the proposal in brief:

"SHESAYS has been running monthly events for women in digital advertising and other creative industries for three years. What started as a small community in London to help women of all levels with their careers has grown to a larger network in seven cities across the world with over 3000 members.

We are really different from other organizations in that everything we do comes from our members suggestions - and we never charge.

We always passionately believed that all our events and services - which include monthly meetings, mentorship programs, awards schemes and the odd party - should be FREE."

If you'd like to contribute or show your support you can just click here.

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