Monday, October 26, 2009

Guest Post from A Work in Progress

Hey all, it's 20something blogger swap time again. As per usual, I'm taking a break from writing here and migrating to new territory for the day in this case Deva Brown's lovely blog. Check out my post on femme fatales over that way.

And enjoy Deva's post about gifts gone awry below:

If you're one of those folks who has already started their holiday shopping, this post is for you: A not-so-excellent gift idea.

For everyone else - this post is for you too. I don't discriminate :)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I came across this disaster -


Before you all come at me with the magic question (WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THESE DOLLS?!), I must first state my thoughts and opinions about this noteworthy creation.

What in the bloody hell is this mess?! Back in my day, the most you could do with your doll was brush their hair and change their outfits. Now, they're making ugly dolls that look and dress like whores and regular-looking dolls that dance on poles (see above). What is this world coming to?

To be honest, when I first came across this picture, I was really disappointed. There are so, so, so many examples of successful women in the world today - and someone actually thought a pole dancing doll was something little girls should really connect with. Shame. Not to hate on strippers, but parents should not be encouraging their daughters to take off their clothes for money as a career. Out of all the careers little girls can aspire to, stripping absolutely should not be at the top of their list.

On a less serious note, that doll is a hilarious. She's too sweet-looking to be a stripper and that dress is way too conservative. I can't believe it's short-sleeved with a giant bow on the side. Where's the cleavage?! The girl looks like she's going to a tea party, not a strip club. Seriously - if they wanted to make a stripper doll, those folks could've done a better job -

Case and point.


And the random assortment of words (nouns, verbs and adjectives!) on the side of the box just made me smile: Style, Music, Flash, Up and down, Go round and round, and my absolute favorite: Interesting! I only buy dolls with the word Interesting written directly on its box.

Anyway, to answer that burning question about purchasing one of those darling dolls (including the ugly doll in the red underwear): I'm fairly certain they've both been taken off the market. Sad - I know.

Looks like our little girls can go back to dreaming about becoming CEOs, doctors and even the future President.

A big thanks to Mila for letting me rant on her chunk of the internet :) Feel free to visit me at a work in progress... to read more rants, raves and general randomness in my life.

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