Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bombing the moon worries me

Lcross Bomb Moon

"NASA is launching a dramatic mission to bomb the moon. The LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Satellite) mission will send a missile traveling at twice the speed of a bullet to blast a hole in the lunar surface near the moon's South pole. Scientists expect the impact of the Centaur rocket to be powerful enough to eject a huge plume of debris from the moon."

Apparently, scientists are attempting to do research on water in space. Am I the only one who thinks going all independence day on the moon is a bad idea? We've messed up earth enough, why do we need to play hard ball with the moon. These kind of things always read technology fueled apocalypse to me.



  1. Where is the rest of the World? How arrogant we have become. I agree we have messed up our home enough. What if the moon is someones' home?

  2. you know, it's weird that this wasn't a bigger deal. i FINALLY saw it on the news just moments ago and thought of your line "These kind of things always read technology fueled apocalypse to me." i guess 2012 is a reasonable (or even generous) amount of time for an apocalypse given the things we do...