Monday, September 14, 2009

The end of beer as we know it

Fine tasting beer is diminishing in quality as we speak. Soon all beer will taste like the pitiful remains of a warm keg doused with lost dreams and shameful regrets. Or at least be really watery.

Czech climatologist Martin Mozny claims that a rise in air temperature has diminished the flavor-giving acidity of Saaz hops, a key, sanity-giving ingredient in pilsner lager.

"It's not just Czech hops that are at stake here, says Francesco Tubiello, a crop specialist at the European Commission and a lead author of the agriculture chapter of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. "The famous hop-growing regions of eastern Germany and central Slovakia are facing the same situation," he says.

Et tu Beer!! The word is indeed a cold and cruel place without your sweet taste.

VIA gawker

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