Friday, September 4, 2009

Diaries of 13 year old Drama Queens

I've recently been participating in a writing workshop to buckle down and finally finish some sort of fictional series of ramblings. Our assignment for this week was to write a diary entry from the perspective of an insecure 13 year old girl.

Despite being a fully formed specimen of pure confidence since the day I was born, I somehow found it incredibly easy to manifest this persona. I hope you like it. Otherwise I will feel sad, unsure of myself, and somewhat slighted.

Reasons why you suck: Becca Taylor

1. You’re a D cup in the 7th grade.
2. You’re both skinny and a D cup in the 7th grade.
3. You don’t have pimples. A blackhead is not a pimple. Your skin is perfect. You know it and you pretend like it’s not so other people can tell you it is.
4. We used to be friends but we’re not friends anymore.
5. We used to be friends but you decided that we’re not friends anymore.
6. Even people who are no longer friends but used to be friends, do not steal their former friend’s boyfriends. But you do.
7. A person, who used to be your friend but isn’t your friend anymore, (Especially when it’s this person’s own fault that the friendship withered and died last summer.) does not have the right to accuse me of being melodramatic about a guy that most definitely was my boyfriend.
8. And yes, he told me he was my boyfriend. He said it last week in gym class. Everyone heard him. And no, he didn’t feel sorry for me. And the fact that you said that makes you a bitch.
9. I’m not an A cup. I’m a small B. And I don’t need to use my boobs to get guys. But you obviously do.
10. When we were friends you wrote me a letter saying we’d be BFF’s forever and told me I was pretty. You told me that it didn’t matter whether boys paid attention to me or not. You told me stupid boys don’t matter.
11. You lied.

By the way, I may have been the most Emo 13 year old there ever was. All before they invented the phrase Emo. Sadness.

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