Monday, August 3, 2009

Twits, Cougars, and Pumas Oh my!

Is there any possible future for my womanhood that doesn't come with a god awful nickname. If I prey on men at 40 I'll be a cougar or Puma, roar!!! If I party at thirty, according to the Herald Sun I will now be deemed a Twit, or a teenage women in my thirties. Interestingly enough a man that dates, parties, and doesn't feel like playing daddy yet, is just a man. Oh there's so much for a girl to look forward to.


  1. This is unfortunate. I agree. But I am also pretty excited about being a cougar in twenty years. Minus the nickname.

  2. You're right. I'm 53 and I'm too old to be any of these things. I've been told I look 40 and I think like I'm 25, so....i guess I'll go on merrily as my happy neurotic self! Titles be damned!!

  3. You're as young as you feel, I say.