Wednesday, August 26, 2009

as for the plastic people

I watched addicted to beauty last night with a mixture of shock and awe. It boggles my mind that a client could come to this spa and think to themselves " My, I'd like to look more like the staff."

The worst plastic surgery victim on the show the spa's owner (who has rendered herself incapable of smiling via botox) keeps gabbing on and on about other people's appearances and upkeep and looking so fresh and oh so young. Yet she is completely oblivious to the freak show she's turned herself into. I for one rather look wrinkled then look like I have two tennis balls stuffed in my cheeks. But I may just be behind the times on this one.

The worst part of it, of this alien meets kitty meets porn star look the crew has working, is that it's replicating itself time and time again. As exhibited below...

Girls with silicone faces (37 pics)Girls with silicone faces (37 pics)Girls with silicone faces (37 pics)Girls with silicone faces (37 pics)

This all makes me think someone, somewhere has decided it's actually desirable to look unhuman. Which makes me both sad and scared. But mostly scared.

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  1. oh my god, you're so right. They're so far past the 'overdone' line it's ridiculous...

    Plastic surgery is a good thing. But there is too much of a good thing :o)