Monday, August 31, 2009

my hate/love for reality TV in poem form

This poem may just have about every reality TV reference I could think of. At least all the ones that fit into one piece of spoken word. So whether you're a VH1 watching I love money, new york, daisy of love, flavor of love, Brett Michael's addict or a Bravo loving project runway/real housewives sophisticate, or perhaps even a WE TV loving bridezilla or a dancing with the stars hopeful, it's all there. In fact, this poem is pretty jam-packed with all the trash TV that has permeated my brain and left me permanently scarred in the process.


  1. Def Poetry this!
    By which I mean send your video to a TV show...tha't's not the Real World.

    "All America's Got Talent but we don't got jobs"...great line, and so true.

    Well done, my dear.

  2. I like it! You sure you don't wanna be on a show?

  3. I have enough opportunities to embarrass myself in every day life. I could do without a national audience.