Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GUTTERDRUNK! All the Poe you can handle.

My short the Tell Tale Text will be featured in GutterDrunk over the next two weeks. Come out for a spooky,interactive dramatic night of fun.

Imagine exploring a nineteenth-century church in the black of night, armed only with a small flashlight. This is GUTTERDRUNK, a blend of theater, performance art and live music, which brings viewers deep into the hallucinatory mind of famed writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Actors are buried alive, bricked behind walls, smothered and stabbed, until only a rattled and wasted Poe remains, without fiction to blur his tormented reality.

GUTTERDRUNK explores the hysterical and haunting effects of alcohol on actor, character and author in a way that tests the limits of theatrical experience.

Show Dates:
Thursday 10/20 8PM
Friday 10/21 8PM
Saturday 10/22 8PM
Thursday 10/27 8PM
Saturday 10/29 8PM
Sunday 10/30 8PM

Tickets can be purchased here: Brown Paper Tickets

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