Friday, April 8, 2011

In a Relationship: The One Woman Show

Ever been Facebook stalked? Every done the stalking? Then this show's for you, fair internet friends.

This one woman show starts with a kiss and a friendship request and goes very much awry from there. Helyn Rain Messenger plays a woman unraveling with comic flair and a projector projects funny and hopefully telling digital things throughout the short tale.

The show's on for one night only, so see it while you can. Also stick around to see the rest of the line up and for some Q & A with me, during which you can ask me all sorts of inappropriate questions and I will feel compelled to answer them.

Hoping to develop this into something bigger, so come by and show a little love or like or just give me a poke or two.

Here's the details:

Friday May 6th @ 8:30
Playwright: Mila Golubov
Director: Daniella Caggiano
Performer: Helyn Rain Messenger
First comes friendship requests. Then comes relationship status. Then it gets tricky.

sharing the bill with
Playwright/Performer: Michele Fulves*
Director: Various Collaborative Angels
Roadside Angels - a coming of middle age story about what's left when our dreams derail.

Get Your Tickets here:
Come See it here:

TADA Theatre
15 West 28th Street - 2nd Floor - btw Broadway & 5th Ave
New York, NY

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