Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little Preview of my Upcoming Play

Candy walks into the waiting room, her new implants
happily displayed as she struts toward the
secretary. Maybelle and Lianne can't help but notice
the new merchandise.

Oh my look at those. What do you think Lianne?

I don’t know bout that Ma might hurt my back.

Go big or go back I say.

You’re not the one that has to lug them around town.

Cuz I’m not lucky Lianne. I don’t have a loving mother
who saved up every penny just to spend it all on me,
my mother, never bought me anything.

You’re always exaggerating…

I do it all for you, you know. You’ll be selfless
one day too. Now you don’t realize-

- no sometimes, I don’t realize I guess.

How could you say that?

And that's before it gets heated.... also it's way better with my fabulous group of eight crazy actors.

Plastic People in waiting is a play examining the many motivations for plastic surgery with a sense of humor and a dark turn or two. Think: Nip Tuck on a bender in a never-ending waiting room.

Just call Manhattan Rep at (646) 329-6588 to order your tickets for March 12, March 13 or March 17 anytime between today and the week of the show.

Please come out to my play and support small black box theater festivals and of course young playwrights like myself.

The more seats I fill the more showings I get, so hopefully I'll see you there.

And check out the Manhattan Rep Site to learn more about the festival.


  1. Sounds cool! I hope it goes well -- and I'm sad I can't be there :)

  2. Thanks. Here's hoping it goes well too.

  3. It sounds good so far... I like it!