Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deep thoughts on the Jersey Shore


Enjoying Jersey Shore "hinges not on our ability to identify with them but on our ability to distinguish ourselves from them... as though we were anthropologists secretly observing a new tribe through a break in the trees." [The New Yorker]

I love how all these highbrow magazines and newspapers now feel a need to explain the general public's fascination with the off-orange antics of the Jersey Shore. While I'm no Jersey Shore guidette myself, I do feel it's a bit offensive to treat these people as if they are some sort of primitive wild things caged in a shore house for our ongoing pontification.

These are people I say. People capable of feelings and perhaps even thoughts. Snookie's and Paulie's hair alone has taken years of training, practice and dare I say it artistic skill.


  1. I completely agree - it takes years to perfect the pull back and puff style. Interesting post.

  2. This is my favorite character in this t.v series because she says what she thinks without caring about others, that's attitude I like she's so cool.